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980REV OTDR Ceramic Tube Came Out

One customer complains the ceramic tube came out! check below photo, how can we gix it? Can we remove it for common use? The ceramic tube is from SC connector, not from the OTDR. please pull out the ceramic tube from OTDR slightly, and then install back to SC connector. If it is not easy to installed back, please buy a new SC connector. You can find many suppliers of the connector in the market.

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980EXT OTDR Booting Bug Fix

After press booting button, power lamp is alive but display dosn't appear like the video in the link. This bug is because some system files were not loaded to memory of operation system correctly during the startup process. To solve the problem, users can press and hold power button for around 20 seconds, untill the device goes into repair mode. Then, the device will fix the bug by itself. Do not do any operations before the device turns off and turns on again by itself.

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How to add Koren Language to the OTDR FF-960?

First of all, please let us know S/N number at back of OTDR. Then, our engineer will send you a software to add korean language. And then, follow these steps to upgrade your OTDR,

1) connect OTDR to PC with a USB cable
2) copy upgrade software to the root of OTDR DISC
3) disconnect from PC 
4) go to system -> general settings -> upgrade
5) Around 2 mins later, the OTDR will re-boot automatically
Do not turn off OTDR when updating.

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What language does the OTDR come with?

Currently, we have these languages for customer choice when they place order,

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How to upgrade FF-980REV OTDR?

First of all, we do not suggest users to upgrade their OTDR by themselves without negotiating with us, because we change hardware occasionally according to market supply. If any problems happen, please contact us in advace and describe the problems to our engineers. They will generate particular upgrade package for your OTDR if they think it is software (or firmware) problems. After you get the upgrade package, follow these steps to upgrade your OTDR, 

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OTDR 980EXT show error "there are light, test stop"

I received 2 photos. One is OTDR testing with no cable, the other is connected to cable. Then test stopped with the message, means “ there are light, test stop”. Then the cable is not live cable.

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The solution of 980MAS OTDR some function not working

For some 980MAS OTDRs which is installed Korean language, some functions can not be controlled by physical buttons, but you still can use the OTDR as normal by touch screen. To solve the physical button problem, please download the new firmware and upgrade your OTDR by following steps,

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Top 6 Best OTDR Reflectometers

The manufacturer FirstFiber Technologies help customers create their own OTDRs with their OTDR core processing coding and powerful hardware design ability. They also sell their own OTDRs, the top 6 are listed as following,

  1. FF-980REV (Mini Pro, 9-in-1)
  2. FF-980EXP (All-in-1, 12-in-1)
  3. FF-980MAS (Enhanced OTDR, 12-in-1)
  4. FF-980EXT (new Enhanced OTDR, 9-in-1)
  5. 8000MAX (High Accurate OTDR)
  6. 990PRO (Standard OTDR, Splitter OTDR for Choice)
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Does mini OTDR can be installed both SM and MM functional module

No. Because, mini OTDR shell size is too small to house both SM and MM lasers. And no enogh space to install two Connectors.

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OTDR Customization wavelength, Dynamic Range (Testing Distance), etc

OTDR Customization wavelength, Dynamic Range (Testing Distance), etc is available from us. And we are happy to do any OEM service. We even can help customers create absolute new OTDRs if they like to have long business with us.

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