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How to solve the problem of 980EXT getting stuck in the upgrade interface


Q: The 980EXT OTDR works well always. But now it is stuck in the upgrade interface, eventhough I did not upgrade it. How to solve it?

A: that should be Flash memory problem. We will help you format Flash, and then install a new operation system. Follow these steps please.

Upgrade instructions: Before upgrading, ensure that the battery is sufficient. The entire process takes about 10 minutes. It is normal for the display screen to not display midway. Please be patient and wait.

Step 1, copy the files in the folder to the SD card.

Method 1: Remove the SD card from the OTDR, insert it into the SD card reader, and copy the file from the computer to the SD root directory.

Method 2: After OTDR is turned on, use the factory configured USB cable to connect the computer and OTDR. After successful connection, a USB drive symbol will appear on the computer. After copying the file, disconnect the USB cable.

Step 2: Start the upgrade mode

Press and hold the power on button until the English prompt for system upgrade appears.

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