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How to upgrade 980EXP OTDR


To upgrade your 980EXP OTDR by the method as below.
0. turn on OTDR
1. connect OTDR to your PC by USB cable that comes together with OTDR. (some USB cables is without data transimission function, just for power charging)
2. you will see 2 new disc (like your C: disc/D: disc) on your computer
3. Double click last Disc which is with larger space (around 7.5GB). Do not double click the other disc with smaller space.
Note: if there is a error when you open Disc, you should disconnect USB cable and connect again. and then wait about 15 seconds to double click the disc again.
4. copy the upgrade package we sent you to the root of disc
5. disconnect OTDR with PC
6. in OTDR, home page -> system - >Upgrade -> Wheather to upgrade -> Yes
7. the OTDR will upgrade, and then turn off, then turn on by itself automantically. (Do not press power key during this procedure)
8. finish

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