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How to upgrade FF-980REV OTDR?


First of all, we do not suggest users to upgrade their OTDR by themselves without negotiating with us, because we change hardware occasionally according to market supply. If any problems happen, please contact us in advace and describe the problems to our engineers. They will generate particular upgrade package for your OTDR if they think it is software (or firmware) problems. After you get the upgrade package, follow these steps to upgrade your OTDR,

1. Connect your OTDR to PC by the USB cable that comes with your OTDR. Please do not use other USB cables, because some USB cables is just for power charging, no data transmission function.

2. You can see a new disc. Copy upgrade package to the root of new disc. Do not rename your upgrade package, and do not put it in any folder.

3. Disconnect your OTDR to PC. If you do not disconnect OTDR from PC, you will not be allowed to operate OTDR.

4. Go to OTDR system->upgrade-> ok

5. It takes around 2 mins to finish the upgrade. Do not turn off OTDR when upgrading is in process.

6. The OTDR will re-boot up by itself.


Now, the OTDR is upgraded. And you can see updated information in version

Harware Ver:

Software Ver:

SN: Module Info:

Alarm Info: Time:


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