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UK plans to achieve fibre-optic to every household by 2033

According to the UK government's own estimates, a 3 billion to 5 billion pounds would be needed to complete the plan. "We want everyone in the UK to enjoy world-class connectivity, no matter where they live, where they work, where they travel," Jeremy Wright, secretary of the UK's digital, cultural, media and sports sector (DCMS), said in a statement. The country's new blueprint for the future of telecommunications will increase competition and investment in all-fiber broadband, create more business opportunities and make the promotion of 5G infrastructure easier and cheaper.

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2018 China Telecom proposes future optical network development strategy

At the 43rd session of the World Congress on Optical Fiber Communication (OFC 2018) in 2018, Zhang Chengliang, vice president of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute, was invited to make a keynote speech (plenary Speech) as the first special guest of the OFC conference from the Chinese industry, standing on the most important podium of the world's top optical communication conference And make a voice from China. The OFC conference, held every March, is recognized by the global optical communications academic and industry as the highest level and the largest event, representing the global optical communications academic research and industrial development of the wind vane, this year nearly 15000 people registered to participate. This report was quickly widely concerned by the global industry, lightreading and other professional media first reported, sparking a heated debate.

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China's broadband development white paper was first released, looking forward to quality broadband to improve quality

It is reported that on September 27th, the Information and Communication Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the White Paper on China's Broadband Development (2018) at the Beijing International Communication Exhibition. The white paper once again clarifies the strategic, fundamental and leading role of broadband networks in the overall economic and social development. It summarizes the evolution and brilliant achievements of China's broadband network policy environment, leap-forward development, spillover effects since the speed-up and fee reduction, and looks forward to China. In the future, broadband networks will move toward quality broadband to achieve the development direction of improving quality and speeding the people's livelihood.

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Huawei is currently the only real 5G supplier

At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London on November 21, Neil McRae, senior manager and chief architect of British Telecom, BT, unexpectedly publicly alerted Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE, declaring: " Now there's only one real 5G supplier, and that's Huawei. Other suppliers need to try to catch up with Huawei.

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Yang Zhihua talking about the progress of ODCC Network Working Group

At the "2018 Open Data Center Summit" Today, Yang Zhihua, head of the ODCC Network Working group and a senior technical expert at Alibaba, gave a brief account of the latest progress of the ODCC Network Working Group. Yang Zhihua introduced that in the past three years, ODCC Network Working group from the hardware, technical specifications, industrial ecology and other aspects to promote.

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Administrative village through the proportion of optical fiber has reached 96%

October 12, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a pilot work on universal telecommunications services to promote the television conference, requiring the communications authority, the basic telecommunications enterprises to do 80 days, before the end of all completed the first three batches of pilot village fibre-optic tasks, the completion of the fourth batch of pilot tasks signed contracts.

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Fearless challenge and bullish on 5G new opportunities

The 2018 World fiber optic cable Conference, co-hosted by CRU (British Institute of Commodities) and Fortis Group, opened in Hangzhou November 6.

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It has the same size form factor and the maximum number of ports as a QSFP+ transceiver, but the lane speeds are increased from 10Gbps to 25Gbps. The increase in panel density is even more dramatic when compared to some of the other 100 Gbps form factors: 450% versus the CFP2 and 360% versus the CPAK (Cisco proprietary).

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Silicon HDPE DUCT for Optical Fiber Cable Deployment

The Silicon HDPE Duct is a new type of composite pipe with a silicone solid lubricant on the inner wall. Simultaneous extrusion and compounding by two plastic extruders, the main raw material is high-density polyethylene, and the core layer is a solid lubricant silica gel with the lowest friction coefficient. Therefore, the silicon core tube has many characteristics unmatched by other products in terms of physical properties, service life, comprehensive cost, and optical fiber cable construction.

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China Mobile and Xiaomi sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement

On July 13, 2018, China Mobile and Xiaomi held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Chairman of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. Shang Bing, General Manager Li Yue, Deputy General Manager Jian Qin, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group Lei Jun, Vice President Wang Lingming and CFO Zhou were jointly attended to sign the ceremony.

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