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What is the future trend of data center? Intelligent and Modular


At the 2018 ODCC Storage Conference, Li Jie, deputy director of the China Institute of Information and Communications, has analyzed the development of international data center industry, domestic Development and data center trends. Globally, at present in the Global data center rental market, 2017 overall growth rate reached 10. 7%, reached the highest level in recent years, market development to maintain a steady growth. From the distribution point of view, the Internet companies accounted for more than 20%, cloud/IT services accounted for more than 20%, telecom operators accounted for 18%.

From the global perspective, mainly in the United States, Germany, France, Japan and other developed countries, the United States mainly concentrated in the east and West Coast. In terms of power density, North America has reached 8. 5, the Asian region is only half the level. "Another feature of the international dimension is the continued expansion of the North American neutral data center service provider, show the strong trend of the stronger, which also makes the threshold of service providers gradually increased, you can see the 2017 acquisition activities, the total amount of transactions has reached 20 billion U.S. dollars, indicating that the market from the investors to the construction side to the operator to see, is an area of great concern.

"Li Jie points out. Looking at the domestic development situation, there are several major characteristics. A high-speed development, and then one is the layout of the gradual optimization process. Third, in the data center utilization rate of the optimization is very obvious. "Data Center as a Barroth, now energy consumption has accounted for 1 of the total consumption of the whole society." 5% to 2%, data center energy efficiency is also a matter of concern, including national policies and documents that have specific requirements for energy efficiency in data centers.

” As for the development trend of the data center, Li Jie believes that the internet of things, artificial intelligence, edge computing will again ignite the data center market. Each phase of the development of the data center has different drivers, such as in 2008-2013, is the cost, 2014 to 2016 is interconnection, 2017-2018 is the landing of cloud services and large data applications, then 2019-2020, Internet of Things, Edge Computing and artificial intelligence will be the driving force of market development.

Especially with the development of 5G, users will put forward higher requirements for the experience, which drives the appearance of the Edge data center. So what are the trends in future data centers? At different stages, data center concerns are different. Starting in 2010, with the advent of cloud computing and the culmination of a data center, the scale of the data center industry grew at a rate that doubled every two years.

The layout of large-scale construction in 2013 highlighted the issue, the Ministry issued a data center layout guidance, the country divided into several types of regions, to guide the different types of data centers in the appropriate areas for construction. "By 2018, the data center layout has been gradually optimized, but with the massive construction of data centers, the problem of operational personnel and personnel has become a prominent problem." In a few years, after more than 2020 years, after more than 10 years of development, a large number of data centers in the old room facing transformation upgrades, IDC predicts that by 2020, the next generation of applications and new IT infrastructure needs will force 55% of enterprises to upgrade the existing facilities. Li Jie said there is also an obvious feature, is that the modularity will go deep into the data center lifecycle, before the modularity may have some single point, such as UPS modular, and subsequent data center from the design planning, construction operation and maintenance, including follow-up, the entire modularity will run through the life cycle, will use the earlier in the factory preset this idea, to the scene of the direct assembly, this can meet the user side of the on-line fast, high energy efficiency, operational dimension convenient, intelligent demand.

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