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Report says Q3 data communications investment win over Telecom market


In the third quarter of 2017, capital spending by telecoms operators continued to fall, while internet giants kept growing at a high rate, according to the latest study by Lightcounting, a market research firm. The report said that only 15 of the world's major operators, 2017 years, only the French telecom investment has maintained growth, the other 14 all fell; Internet companies, the investment in the cloud/data center, has increased the net investment of Alibaba, Facebook and Google by 142%, 62% and 39% respectively,


Facebook is predicting a doubling of the net investment in 2018. Investment in China's three largest operators has fallen markedly.


But there is another reason for the 2016 surge in the LTE network, with some lean in 2017 and a natural decline in demand. To the optical module manufacturers, a mixed worry. Suppliers that focus on the data market can gain greater room for gains and face more competition in the telecoms market.


However, the impact on China's optical device manufacturers is not obvious, from the semi-annual report can see major manufacturers are in the growth of performance. Attached to lightcounting before the market forecast of the optical module, 2017 telecom market demand significantly decline.

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