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Philippines PLDT will deploy hybrid optical fiber technology of and Giga Wire


The Philippines’ operator PLDT has announced plans to deploy advanced hybrid fiber technology to provide broadband services through conventional telephone lines in buildings and homes, foreign media reported.

The three-year total deployment investment will reach 2 billion Philippine peso.

The deployment was announced after the successful testing of two advanced hybrid fiber technologies, one of which is the Giga Wire technology of KT in Korea, and the other is Huawei's technology.

PLDT says both of the technologies can provide up to 600-700mbps data speeds for each user, depending on the length of the local copper loop.

The two technologies connect buildings and dwellings by using fiber optic cables and copper cables and use special equipment to enable internal copper wires of these structures to provide similar data speeds to those of optical fibres.

PLDT's initial plan is to deploy Giga wire and solutions in more than 500 buildings in different areas of the country next year. This figure will be distributed between residential and office buildings.

"But this is just the beginning," said Ernesto Alberto, PLDT's chief revenue officer. "More than 1600 buildings will be added in 2018 and 2019."

At present, the vast majority of office and residential buildings are connected by copper wire; PLDT said that reconnecting these buildings through optical fibers was difficult and costly; In addition, most families are still connected through regular telephone lines.

The number of dwellings connected by PLDT conventional telephone lines reached 6 million, while the number of dwellings connected through the FTTH network was 2.5 million.

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