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Discussion on connection technology of optical fiber in cabling


Optical fiber cable has become a network wiring design is not a small part of its large capacity of communication, anti-jamming performance, strong security and other advantages, is widely used in the wiring network, in the face of market demand, optical fiber systems have entered the level and desktop applications.

In the current common fiber cabling network, because the wiring used in the process and quality of optical fiber generally more stable, so composed of fiber optic cable and all kinds of optical fiber connectors, jumper, pigtail and other components of the characteristics of most of the more stable, and in the actual use of wiring in the process, they are relatively fixed, Therefore, most of the reasons that are likely to affect the stability of fiber optic networks are concentrated in the optical fiber connection technology. Below, we are currently more commonly used in optical fiber connection technology Analysis and discussion:

1, mechanical or on-site grinding fiber connector mode

Those who have been engaged in manufacturing and production of optical fiber products of the colleagues should be very aware of this, on-site grinding and factory manufacturing is unmatched in a completely different way, the factory is a dedicated grinding machine from coarse to fine five grinding process, the scene is unable to adjust the pressure, can not maintain a consistent hand-grinding.

Perhaps in the traditional low-speed network, even if the insertion loss and loss exceeded the standard, connection instability, and so on, may be acceptable for network applications, because the fiber is rich enough to digest the impact of these factors, but in today's increasingly high performance of the network, many indicators and parameters are extremely sensitive, Because the link can not meet the design requirements or time-consuming and laborious, so that designers or builders to break the brain, the loss of the network design requirements, testing cannot pass and so on happen.

2. Splicing method

Optical fiber fusion is a more widely used connection in contrast, Splicing is the success rate and connection quality of the way, but also should be noted that the splice joint is more vulnerable or failure of one of the main factors, because in the use and maintenance of the equipment maintenance operations are necessary, So its security is a problem we have to consider. In the usual case, the splice an get a smaller connection loss, Generally below 0.2dB, but the return loss is not easy to control, at the same time in the process of optical fiber fusion, the impact of the quality of the external factors, if the adoption of the current domestic also use a few MTP, such as multi-core ribbon fiber connector, ribbon fiber fusion splicer will not be able to avoid the splicing process of the occurrence of individual fiber loss too large reality.

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