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Micro tube air blowing technolog


1. Micro-Tube

1.1 Types of micro-tubes

The micro-tube is an important part of the gas blowing system, just like the road of the city, the micro-tube must be laid to the destination before the micro-cable is laid, and the requirement is laid in place. Because the 1th time of the micro-tube and the 2nd laying of the micro-tube has the possibility of winding, in a protective tube (protection tube: a pipe that protects a tube from a pipe, such as a silicon core tube for gas blowing, a PVC pipe for traction, a pipe for a local telephone pipe, The micro-tube in the pipeline for laying optical cables, such as grille pipes, can not be laid in batches, and at present there are about 2 kinds of micro-tubes at home and abroad:

1.1.1 Bundle Tube

The cluster tube is a bit like the usual honeycomb tube on our local telephone pipe, is a loose micro-tube unit composed of micro-tubes and external sheath in the combination of two parts of the manufacturer, but the micro-tube and micro-tube, the micro-tube unit and the outer sheath is not adhesion between, can have relative displacement. The advantage of the cluster tube is that the pipe has high density and can hold the most micro-tubes in the effective space. The disadvantage is that the flexibility is poor, pipe opening is not convenient (refers to thick-walled external sheath), the inner layer of micro-tube differences, and the ability to impact resistance is also poor, as the micro-tube unit is tightly wrapped in the protective tube, the deformation of the protective tube can directly cause the deformation of the tube.

At present, according to the different uses of the project, the cluster tube is divided into direct buried type, pipe type, bundle type, flat type, aerial type, flame retardant type, termite-proof type sheathing. The cluster tube has a rounded, polygonal, square and flat shape. The round cluster tube is mostly thick wall outer sheath of the cluster tube, the polygon of the cluster tube is generally thin-walled outer sheath of the cluster tube, square and flat type of the cluster tube has thick wall also has the outer sheath of thin-walled.

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