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IPG Photonics Announces Acquisition of Optigrate Company


Recently, IPG Photonics announced that it had acquired the American Optigrate Company, Optigrate is leading manufacturer of the highest quality VBG. The VBG components produced by optigrate can significantly improve the performance of ultrafast pulsed lasers for material micromachining, medical treatment and other applications, miniaturization and help reduce costs. Optigrate is a supplier of IPG, with the deepening of bilateral relations, two companies have identified and believe that the merger can achieve mutual benefit.

Business Prospects

As a technical leader in the field of volume holographic gratings and thermal refraction glass, optigrate will help IPG develop new advanced solutions and improve our current products and components," said Felix Stukalin, senior vice president of IPG Photonics North America. IPG has been working to promote the use of lasers and their associated technologies worldwide. The acquisition to improve the company to the market to launch a new ultra-fast pulse laser product line of the core components.

Operating mode

Optigrate was founded in 1999 by Dr. Leonid Glebov, professor of optics and photonics at the Central University of Florida, who delegated the relevant technology to optigrate. The company's president and general manager, Dr. Alexei Glebov, and chief technical officer Vadim Smirnov will continue to be in charge of the company's business. IPG will remain in Florida State Oviedo, while the current staff will remain in the company to help achieve further growth and innovation, Optigrate added. In addition, IPG will support and deliver on all customer commitments while further expanding the optigrate product market.

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