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China Telecom to verify 25G wdm-pon solution


Fixed network and mobile network emerging services are constantly developing and innovation, the network access rate, delay, channel isolation, and reliability, and put forward higher requirements. China Telecom subdivides The application scene, unifies the business demand, takes the lead to propose the high speed 25G wdm-pon solution solution, the industry mainstream equipment and the module company all positively responds and develops the equipment. In order to demonstrate the feasibility of the project and key technical indicators, recently in China Telecom Shanghai Institute of the Future Network laboratory, conducted a technical verification test. The test results show that the verification system has realized the key characteristics and indexes of 20-way one-way 25G rate, multi-channel isolation, optical power budget 14dB, and the terminal adopts colorless tunable optical module.

This is the industry's first successful validation of high-speed 25G Wdm-pon solutions for the industry chain has a positive guiding significance. 25G Wdm-pon is led by China Telecom to develop industry standards, leading industry chain partners to research and equipment development. The 25G Wdm-pon solution is based on AWG and point-to-point physical networking architecture, supports multi-channel colorless tunable, per-channel Ethernet protocol based transmission, and low latency forwarding capabilities, with high power budget support 10KM deployment scenarios. The next phase will continue to be optimized in terms of ONU modularity, further promoting technology applications.
China Telecom to verify 25G wdm-pon solution

China Telecom to verify 25G wdm-pon solution

China Telecom will combine industrial chain partners, deep cooperation, and continue to promote the standardization of 25G Wdm-pon technology, testing and testing work to promote industrial development and maturity.

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