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The solutions of multi-mode optical fiber systems with multi mode optical devices

I would like to announce we have developed a new product Multi-mode PLC splitter. The MM splitter is often used in data center.

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POE Switch Price List
Professional produce POE Switches with good quality!
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2018 China Telecom proposes future optical network development strategy

At the 43rd session of the World Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC 2018) in 2018, Zhang Chengliang, deputy dean of China Telecom Beijing Research Institute, was invited to make a keynote speech (plenary Speech) as the first special guest from China industry in the OFC conference, and stood at the most important podium of the world's top optical communications conference. , making a sound from China. The OFC conference, held every March, is the highest level and largest event recognized by the academia and industry of optical communication in the world, representing the wind vane of global optical communication academic research and industrial development, which has been registered for nearly 15000 participants this year. The report quickly received wide attention from the global industry, lightreading and other professional media to report the first time, triggering hot debate.

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What is the future trend of data center? Intelligent and Modular

At the 2018 ODCC Storage Conference, Li Jie, deputy director of the China Institute of Information and Communications, has analyzed the development of international data center industry, domestic Development and data center trends. Globally, at present in the Global data center rental market, 2017 overall growth rate reached 10. 7%, reached the highest level in recent years, market development to maintain a steady growth. From the distribution point of view, the Internet companies accounted for more than 20%, cloud/IT services accounted for more than 20%, telecom operators accounted for 18%.

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China Telecom to verify 25G wdm-pon solution

Fixed network and mobile network emerging services are constantly developing and innovation, the network access rate, delay, channel isolation, and reliability, and put forward higher requirements. China Telecom subdivides The application scene, unifies the business demand, takes the lead to propose the high speed 25G wdm-pon solution solution, the industry mainstream equipment and the module company all positively responds and develops the equipment. In order to demonstrate the feasibility of the project and key technical indicators, recently in China Telecom Shanghai Institute of the Future Network laboratory, conducted a technical verification test. The test results show that the verification system has realized the key characteristics and indexes of 20-way one-way 25G rate, multi-channel isolation, optical power budget 14dB, and the terminal adopts colorless tunable optical module.

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Introduction to SFP-DD Optical Transceivers

FP-DD is short for SFP Double Densty, it is a new module and cage/connector system similar to current SFP module, but with an additional row of contacts providing for a two lane electrical interface. It is being developed by the SFP-DD MSA as a key part of the industry’s effort to enable high-speed solutions. The product will support DAC cables, optical modules and AOC’s, both legacy SFP+ and new SFP-DD styles.

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Introduction to 400G QSFP-DD Optical Transceivers

The QSFP form factor is today’s industry workhorse for delivering 40 and 100GbE. The “Q” is for “quad” — a nod to the four-channel electrical interface, with each lane running at 25 Gbps for 100GbE. QSFP-DD adapts the same basic concept as its predecessor, but doubles the electrical contact density, via eight differential pairs capable of 50 Gbps each, to achieve 400GbE, while allowing existing QSFP modules to be plugged into the same cage.

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Fiber Distribution Cabinet FF-FDC36

The fiber distribution cabinet mainly been applied in the interface equipment of the joint point of the trunk cable and the distribution cable in the optical network. It provides the connection、 distribution and exchange function for the outdoor optical cable and can connect the optical cable and the optical fiber by using the movable splitter and splicing tray

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288 Fibers SMC Outdoor Distribution Cabinet

Fibers SMC Outdoor Distribution Cabinet is used for cross connection and termination between trunk cables and distribution cable, especially for optical nodes in access network. It realizes fiber fixation, termination, distribution, reservation, splicing, branching, and patching.

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Micro tube air blowing technolog

Types of micro-tubes

The micro-tube is an important part of the gas blowing system, just like the road of the city, the micro-tube must be laid to the destination before the micro-cable is laid, and the requirement is laid in place. Because the 1th time of the micro-tube and the 2nd laying of the micro-tube has the possibility of winding, in a protective tube (protection tube: a pipe that protects a tube from a pipe, such as a silicon core tube for gas blowing, a PVC pipe for traction, a pipe for a local telephone pipe, The micro-tube in the pipeline for laying optical cables, such as grille pipes, can not be laid in batches, and at present there are about 2 kinds of micro-tubes at home and abroad:

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