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EXFO offers complete testing solutions of 400G

It is understood that in order to meet the needs of the carrier backbone network expansion, 400G will be the backbone of the network upgrade and new direction. At present, 400G related Standards Organization IEEE, ITU-T and OIF three major international standards organizations and China's CCSA in the 400G standard-setting work has made a phased progress.

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Taiwan's Chinese Telecom works with NTT to test ultra-high-speed network equipment

Taiwan's Chinese Telecom Research Institute has signed a joint test agreement with NTT since September this year to test the application of ultra-high-speed 200G universal Optical network equipment technology to data center interconnection, according to Taiwanese media reports.

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Hengtong stop the acquisition of U.S. general cable

Hengtong photoelectric yesterday evening announced that the company for value evaluation considerations, to abandon the acquisition of the United States general cable.

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Hengtong's new Investment in Indian market

Recently, the President of the sixth session of the Board of Directors of the 33rd meeting was held on December 4, 2017 by means of a communication vote, the meeting passed a motion on the proposed investment in the construction of fiber optic cable factory in India. According to the announcement, Hengtong photoelectric plan and wholly-owned subsidiary Aberdare European Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Aberdare Europe")

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Iran's first fibre-optic telephone network has been built into a "secondary generation network"

According to foreign media July 17 reported that Iranian Communications Minister Mahmoud Vaeze on 16th in the Iranian capital, Tehran, the first fiber-optic telephone network to be inaugurated. To show that the new network has been widely promoted nationwide, Vaeze has telephoned regional officials such as Bushehr, Yourzine and Tehran at the ceremony to expand the fiber-optic network.

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5G backhaul will be the next growth point in optical communication field

According to industry sources, by 2020 5G standards established, 5G Mobile services will be officially opened. Previous generations of mobile communications first brought data and then transferred the video to a speech-only platform. And 5G will increase the support of the network traffic from IoT, and greatly improve the number of terminals. Although 4G LTE can be considered a substitute for wired broadband, the 5G powerful performance will be enough for some users to avoid Wi-Fi and directly use 5G services. Combined with the new mobile network traffic, resulting in an unprecedented surge in mobile traffic.

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IPG Photonics Announces Acquisition of Optigrate Company

Recently, IPG Photonics announced that it had acquired the American Optigrate Company, Optigrate is leading manufacturer of the highest quality VBG. The VBG components produced by optigrate can significantly improve the performance of ultrafast pulsed lasers for material micromachining, medical treatment and other applications, miniaturization and help reduce costs. Optigrate is a supplier of IPG, with the deepening of bilateral relations, two companies have identified and believe that the merger can achieve mutual benefit.

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Nokia helps Vietnam Mobifone deploy 100G optical transmission network

It is reported that Vietnamese operator Mobifone will deploy the Nokia 100G Optical Transmission Network (OTN) and dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) regional network from Ho Chi Minh City to more than 10 provinces in southern Vietnam. The new transmission network will enable the country's mobile communications market leader, Mobifone, to provide innovative and high-capacity services in these major economic areas.

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Why are CATV operators so obsessed with fiber deployments?

While most cable-TV technicians insist that the industry's HFC infrastructure is still long-lived, cable operators are actually installing more and more fibre-optic links in their networks. Whether they intend to devote themselves to fiber-optic construction like Altice, or to deploy "MSO Fiber" architectures like Comcast, Charter, Cox, Liberty Global and other major Deep, or just split more fiber nodes, It is clear that cable operators have been crazy about fiber in recent times.

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100G optical transmission network started to offer service

Recently, Telefonica Group, Mexico branch Movistar (Telefonica Mexico Movistar,TMM) and ZTE announced that the two sides built 100G optical transmission network started to offer service commercially.

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