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FF-FTN450-MM Optical Fiber Inspection & Display, bench-top Microscope, 400X, 1.25MM & 2.5MM Clamp

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FTN450-MM is kind of bench-top microscope, specializing in the fiber end face inspection with diameter of 1.25mm and 2.5mm for patch cord. Finished, Semi-finished, PC and APC all types can be tested. It is 400 × magnification, with esolution of 0.5μm.
Its bench body let the patch cord inserted directly to the microscope, simply and fast improves the testing efficiency, making it best for the batch test in assembly line; High Definition LED display is with super-high resolution. It tailors the manufacturer for the specific need, offering a high-value-to-low-cost inspection service.

•  Spots/Scratches can be clearly checked and resolution reaches 0.5um.
•  Clamps are available for assorted testing with PC and APC endface.
•  Smooth focus control, simple operation, stable testing results.
•  X/Y-axis adjustment for both horizontal and vertical control, broaden the view of field and stabilize image always in central.
•  HD 10.4 Inch LED Display for distinct and clear image shown.
•  Average light spot in display gets feature of same resolution between fiber core and ceramic end face with little testing errors.


Component Arguments Value
Host Magnification/Resolution(μm) 400X/0.5um
X/Y Adjustment(mm) X-axis:4mm Y-axis:3.5mm
Light Source/Service Life Coaxial Blue LED, 50000 hrs
LED Display Display size(mm) 26*22 (10.4 Inch)
Total L*W*H (mm) 230*92*145
Image Size(mm) 400X;80mm
Total Weight(Kg) 1.58




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