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Optical Cable Identifier OCID FF-6800


FF-6800 Series Optical Cable Identifer is an intelligent instrument designed for the construction and maintenance of optical cable lines in optical communication system. In view of the complex wiring environment and the diffculty of locating faults during the construction and long-term use of optical cables, FF-6800 series can provide fast, effective and accurate fault solutions. When the target optical cable is bent or shaken, the optical cable identifer instrument can quickly capture the vibration signal and display it through waveform and sound, so as to locate the target optical cable quickly. 

FF-6800 series provides the simplest method for Telecommunication engineers and technicians to track and identify the target optical fiber or cable clearly. Optical cable identifer instrument has the advantages of friendly interface, simple and practical, non-toxic and harmless, and does not damage optical cable. It is suitable for accurate identifcation of optical cable in the environment of manhole, tunnel, overhead, pipeline and so on. It is a new instrument tailored for optical cable construction, acceptance and operation and maintenance technicians.

> Easily identify all kinds of break- point, APC or UPC optical cable end
> Integrating full-function OTDR, LS, OPM, VFL and optical loss test
> One-key intelligent test and without tedious parameter settings
> Single-fber test, no looping at the distal end
> Multi-functional test platform to meet deversified test requirements
> 5.6 inch color LCD touch screen, button/ touch dual operation
> Locate the target optical cable through audio or visual signals in complex environment
> Intelligent optical fiber link detection, graphical results show, clear and easy to understand

Optical Cable Identifier OCID

Optical Cable Identifier OCIDOptical Cable Identifier OCIDOptical Cable Identifier OCID

Optical Cable Identifier OCID FF-6800

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