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7 inch Touch Screen IP Camera CCTV Security Tester IPC Tester Support ONVIF/1080P HD camera/ HDMI / WIFI / POE.etc

SKU: 1512212141

7inch wide view Capacitive touch screen / ONVIF /support more than 30 IP camera image test (Hikvision, Dahua, Honeywell, Samsung etc) /Mobile Client Video / 12V 2Aout put power/ 5V 2A power bank / PoE power supply/HDMI output / WIFI

IP camera tester is great CCTV tools for IP camera’s installation and maintenance, both for Analog and IP camera test, built in video level meter, Analog and digital video signal output, IP address scan, Ping test, Port flashing, cable test, Digital Multi-meter, optical power meter and TDR cable tester etc ,easy to operate

Improved IP camera tester,After charging 7~8 hours, normal working time 16 hours, built in WIFI,test Wireless IP Camera;12V 2A power output for camera ,48V PoE power supply,Directly provide PoE power to IP Camera 5V 2A power output(as a power bank 13000mAh),HDMI output;Audio input and output, Network bandwidth testing, image 180 degree rotating,the power and network ports on the top of the tester, easy to connect the cable.

- CCTV system installation and maintenance
- Network cabling project installation and maintenance
- Dome camera IP camera testing
- Video transmission channel testing
- PTZ controller

- 7 inch touch screen,800*600 resolution.
- Capacitive touch screen ,OSD menu,
- Touch screen and key operation
- Built-in WIFI, wireless network camera test
- Support 1080P HD camera
- Support ONVIFcamera ,and Support DAHUA,Haikang,KEDA,Samsung,HIKVISION and TIANDY camera.ect
- Support running the mobile phone or tablet mobile client software of the IP camera manufacturers.
- Image can rotate 180 degrees
- Display real resolution of the IP camera images
- Video screenshot ,video recording ,files named and save, easy to find
- Support network PTZ controller (ONVIF)
- Support 1080P HD video files and MKV/MP4 media files play
- PTZ controller ,Photograph, Video record, Record playback
- Video level meter, Video PEAK lever, SYNC level, COLOR BURST measurement
- Optical Power Meter, it can measure the optical power value
- Visual fault locator , to test fiber’s bending and breakage
- TDR cable test, Digital Multi-meter, optical power meter, and Visual fault locator,SDI Camera test etc function
- Digital video color bar output, analog video color bar and testing image output
- POE voltage measurement, PING test ,IP address scan, port flashing etc
- PoE DC48V power output ,Max power 24W;
- 12V /2A power output
- 5V 2A power output,as the power bank
- HDMI output, 1920*1080P Resolution;
- Audio in /out
- LED lamp, calculators, music players and other application tools
- Support customers self update software
- Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, working time lasts 16 hour



7 inch Capacitive touch screen , resolution 800(RGB)x 600

Network port

10/100M auto adjust ,RJ45


Built in WIFI,speeds150M,receive wireless camera image etc

IP camera type

ONVIF,ACTi,Dahua IPC-HFW2100P. Hikvision,DS-2CD864-E13.Samsung SNZ-5200. Tiandy TD-NC9200S2. Kodak IPC120L.Honeywell HICC-2300T. Aipu-waton IP5000-BC-13MP/IRS06-13MP. fine-Tida IPC. FSJ BY-1080Q.WEISKY IPC camera etc. Customized welcome 

Video level test 

1 channel BNC Input & 1 channel Output , NTSC/PAL (Auto adapt)

Video level meter

PEAK video signal level, SYNC signal level, COLOR BURST chroma level measurement  

Zoom Image

Support Analog camera and IP camera image zoom /move 

Snapshots,Video record,Record playback

Image Screenshots, record ,save ,view and record play back

HDMI output

1 channel HDMI output,support 1920*1080P

12V/2Apower output

Output DC12V/2A power for camera

5V power output

5V 2A power output. as a mobile phone Power bank  

PoE power output

48V PoE power output,Max power 24W.

Audio test

1 channel audio signal input, test whether sound normal, 1 channel audio signal, to connect headphone 

PTZ control 

Support RS232/RS485 control, Baud 600-115200bps, Compatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan, etc

Video Signal Generator

Output one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable.(red, green ,blue, white and black color )

Network color bar generator 

Local side PC can login the tester, send the signal by network ,test network connection communication whether normal 

UTP Cable tester

Test UTP cable connection status and display in the screen. Read the number on the screen 

Data monitor 

Captures and analyzes the command data from controlling device,also can send hexadecimal 

Network test 

IP address scan, link scan, Ping test, Quickly search the connection IP camera and other device’s IP address 

Cable scan

Search the cable by the audio signal

PoE test 

Measurement POE switch or PSE power supply voltage and cable connection status 

Digital Multi-meter (optional)*

AC/DC Voltage,AC/DC current. Resistance. Capacitance.Data hold.Relative measurement..Continuity testing . Testing speed: 3 times/ seconds.Data range -6600~+6600.

Optical power meter (Optional)*

Calibrated Wavelength(nm) ;850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm

Power range(dBm) :-70~+10dBm

Visual fault locator (optional)*

Test fiber’s bending and breakage ( SM and MM fiber)

TDR cable test(optional) *

Breakpoint (cable length) and short circuit measurement(BNC cable, telephone cable)

SDI Camera Test

SDI camera test, Dome camera test and PTZ control,

External power supply

DC 12V 2A


Built-in 7.4V Lithium polymer battery ,6500mAh


After charging 7~8 hours, normal working time 16 hours

Operation setting

Capacitive touch screen, OSD menu,Chinese/English 

Auto off

1-30 (mins)

Working Temperature


Working Humidity



231mm x 172mm x 52mm / 1.26Kg


Packing list
1 VD-8600 Tester
2 Adaptor DC12v 2a
3 Network cable tester
4 Polymer lithium ion battery(7.4V DC 6500mAh)
5 BNC Cable
6 RS485 Cable
7 SC/ST connector(Only for optical power meter)
8 Muti-meter test leads one pair of red and black(only for the Multi-meter models)
9 Output Power cable
10 Audio cable
11 TDR alligator clamp(only for TDR models)
12 Safety cord
13 Tool bag
14 Manual
15 4G SD card

IP camera tester
IP camera tester


IP camera tester


IP camera tester



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