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Micro-tube air blowing technology for optical fiber and cable technology

Types of micro-tubes

The micro-tube is an important part of the gas blowing system, just like the road of the city, the micro-tube must be laid to the destination before the micro-cable is laid, and the requirement is laid in place. Because the 1th time of the micro-tube and the 2nd laying of the micro-tube has the possibility of winding, in a protective tube (protection tube: a pipe that protects a tube from a pipe, such as a silicon core tube for gas blowing, a PVC pipe for traction, a pipe for a local telephone pipe, The micro-tube in the pipeline for laying optical cables, such as grille pipes, can not be laid in batches, and at present there are about 2 kinds of micro-tubes at home and abroad:

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Fiber to Fortress Demolition: Speed up to 10G directly

The current network infrastructure is difficult to meet the exponential growth of data transmission requirements. Recently, the University College of London (UCL) has designed and tested a new optical receiver, which is expected to significantly reduce the cost of fibre-optic networks reaching home users, making each family directly connected to the global Internet.

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Discussion on connection technology of optical fiber in cabling

Optical fiber cable has become a network wiring design is not a small part of its large capacity of communication, anti-jamming performance, strong security and other advantages, is widely used in the wiring network, in the face of market demand, optical fiber systems have entered the level and desktop applications.

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Philippines PLDT will deploy hybrid optical fiber technology of and Giga Wire

The Philippines’ operator PLDT has announced plans to deploy advanced hybrid fiber technology to provide broadband services through conventional telephone lines in buildings and homes, foreign media reported.

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Report says Q3 data communications investment win over Telecom market

In the third quarter of 2017, capital spending by telecoms operators continued to fall, while internet giants kept growing at a high rate, according to the latest study by Lightcounting, a market research firm. The report said that only 15 of the world's major operators, 2017 years, only the French telecom investment has maintained growth, the other 14 all fell; Internet companies, the investment in the cloud/data center, has increased the net investment of Alibaba, Facebook and Google by 142%, 62% and 39% respectively,

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4G Full Coverage for Xicheng High-speed Train

Recently, China's first high-speed railway through the Qinling-Xi Chenggao full line, in promoting the rapid economic development of the central and western regions, but also to the people travel brought great convenience and happiness. Xi Chenggao through the Qinling Super Specialty Tunnel has 7, up to 126 kilometers. Zhongtian technology for its provision of about 200 kilometers of high-quality leaky cable, to help the high-speed rail 4G communication coverage, so that participate in the interview report of the media reporters excited, released more than 430 reports, including the publication of the Micro-blog "I see Live in the tunnel" hands-on experience video news, aroused strong concern.

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How to identify OTDR curve?

Appearance: 1310nm curve: smooth, attenuation slope and index is normal, 1550nm curve: attenuation slope is bad, index is seriously high, Problem: Bending radius is too small, Solution: Increase rest length of fiber tube

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The new Generation Optical transport network Development Alliance was proclaimed in Beijing

December 18, 2017, "a new generation of optical transport network Development Forum," the establishment of a conference in Beijing, announced the first optical transmission network of the whole industry chain Cooperation Organization of the birth. "New Generation Optical transport network Development Forum" by China Telecom Group, China United Network Communications Group Limited, China Institute of Information and Communication, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., ZTE

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Corning buys 3M Communications marketing Department

Corning (NYSE: GLW) has recently announced an agreement with 3M to fully acquire 3M's communications marketing department with a cash transaction of about 900 million dollars. The acquisition will end in 2018, depending on customer settlement conditions and regulatory approvals.

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Vodafone steps up the development of consumer networking

Paul Lambert, a senior European analyst at Ovum, said Vodafone's first major step towards consumer networking was the most consistent and targeted service that European operators have so far been outside the smart home and automotive sectors. Despite the lack of innovation in the types of equipment and services provided, Vodafone has demonstrated a coherent approach to designing and developing new consumer services that take advantage of Vodafone's mobility advantage, thanks to its latest consumer-connectivity strategy.

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